He Was Trembling In Pain, Unable To Get Up Laying After Being Bitten By Many Other Dogs

This little dog was apparently bitten by other dogs. No one dared to stop the fight & he was trembling in pain. He was full of bites & wounds, all dirty. He only has a few teeth in his mouth. He’s lying in the middle of a puddle of water unable to get up. Tito is his name.

He’s now arrived at the hospital. He has holes and sores all over his body… We also did an x-ray to assess whether there were bruises. He also has an “injured” lung. He’s already medicated, he’s had his wounds cleaned. He is still in a lot of pain.

Because he has some wounds that are quite deep. We were able to shave him. And gave him a bath to make him more comfortable. His wounds are still very serious. They need to be drained every day as they form a lot of pus. He is still hospitalized.

He needs to monitor anemia, gallbladder, vomit and liver. Looks like he had something neurological. See in the video. He can’t stand on his own! Our Tito… still staggering, but standing alone! Today his walks are more stable.

He’s really improved a lot! The wounds are dried and almost healed. Tito is a hyper-suffering puppy but he’s still very sweet! His wounds are completely healed. He’re waiting for his fur to grow back. Tito sunbathing! Tito is looking for a new forever home. Tito really deserves.

Watch video bellow:

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