He was used a a bait dog, abandoned to a fence in someone’s backyard, alone and slowly ending!

Meet Marco this sweet boy was rescued by Donna yesterday. As you can see, it has become septic and covered with bite marks that go beyond being infected. She receives clinical care, love and support from the entire team. Marco is resting comfortably close to Harris at the clinic. Day 3: He ate and drank this morning and even went out to defecate! All of this bodes well, though he’s not out of danger yet.

The next few days are still critical for him and we hope he continues to improve. She is taking antibiotics and her body is fighting the infection. Day 5: You hardly recognize him! Today was the first day we were able to drain and clean his wounds. He has so many deep pockets of infection on his head and legs that several drains had to be inserted.

Day 6: Marco! He had just changed his bandage. Her eyes look so bright today! Day 8: Marco is doing great! Warm compresses are applied to her neck and face daily, and if everything continues to improve, she should get drainage within a few days. Day 12: This kid is so awesome. He’s still recovering and being monitored by our clinic, but we know he’ll get there! Day 13: Sweet Marco was doing great, but today he had a setback. It’s swollen again!

Day 15: His face may still be swollen, but his optimistic demeanor hasn’t changed a bit. Day 19: He has many abscesses that we continue to monitor. He will also need surgery on his leg. Day 23: Marco’s swelling is much better. His wounds continue to bleed and he is still being followed in our clinic. But her personality shines through! She likes her many nurses and being in the sun. The healing journey continues.

Day 28: Marco underwent surgery to partially close his leg. Now he needs time to heal. There is not enough skin to cover the entire wound. The swelling on his face had subsided. Day 33: Marco, we’re all proud of how far you’ve come! We know you can achieve anything. Keep getting better and moving forward, my friend! Day 38: Great News! Marco has been cleared for a medical caregiver! Still, his bandages will need to be changed every 3 days and he still has a long way to go before he’s fully recovered, but he’s come a long way! This is a happy boy.

He absolutely loves to make us smile! Day 48: Marco will need to come every 3 days for a bandage change. Day 50: We knew a foster family would be good for Marco! Here he is, excited in the car and then falling asleep while getting a pet. In a beautiful cozy house he will rest a little and will recover much faster. Day 60: This is how it should be. Marco loves his foster family. He even started to sleep in the bed…! She gets spoiled and loves every second of it. He is doing very well! Good night everyone from Marco!

Day 95: MARCO and his new family!! Now officially adopted! The leg is almost completely healed but still needs some bandage changes. Marco is now fully recovered and living the happy life he deserves. Thank you all for your support!

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