He was used as a bait dog then dumped in a ditch like garbage. He was ending giving up on hope!

His name is Scooter! He was used as a bait dog by militants. He was tied by his hind legs and hugged from a tree, fighting dogs would earn a fight by attacking him. Then it was thrown away like garbage. He was spotted in a ditch by someone who lived on a dirt road , called animal control and stayed nearby until they arrived. He had punctures all over his body, his ears were torn off. He was dying and losing hope.

He was taken to the emergency vet, where he was immediately treated. His wounds are cleaned and bandaged, and he is receiving IV fluids and antibiotics. His wounds need to be bandaged every 12 hours for the first 48 hours and then once a day.

Day 2: Scooter works as expected. Another bandage change was made. He lost both ears – the canals remain open so he can probably keep his hearing. Day 5: Recovery meets expectations. Now the bandages are changed every day. He’s still a little dehydrated so he’s still on IV fluids. Blood tests showed elevated liver enzymes, so this will be monitored. She said he was such a good boy and everyone was in love with him.

Day 18: Scooter’s bandages were changed daily for two weeks and then every other day for the next three months. Even after all that dogs and people have done to him, Scooter still loves all dogs and people. Day 30: Scooter is doing very well, his wound is healing, but he still needs time… Scooter is an extremely loving and gentle boy. He never showed absolutely no aggression. He loves everyone he meets, and he’s met a lot of people!

Day 35: Very Close to Home. Scooter’s bandage slipped off and his wounds were exposed. Dr. Lambert said Scooter is doing fine. His wounds are healing, his teeth are good, Scooter will be ready for my first heartworm treatment in 30 days. Day 50: Scooter can play with his friend Patsy all day!

Day 60: Today Scooter has to ride! Day 65: Today our boy Scooter was adopted into a happy family. He’s on his way home! The scooter is in a new family, he is gaining a lot of weight, his bandage has been removed…

He loves his new toy so much and even pulls it! The scooters have healed perfectly! So happy for him! Scooter and his uncle! had zumi! Glad to see Scooter so healthy and so happy! he is one of a kind and he is so blessed to have been saved and given a second change and a new life.

Watch video bellow:

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