Heartbreaking: Homeless Dog Forced To Brave The Cold Outdoors In The Snow

Heartbreaking: Homeless Dog Forced To Brave The Cold Outdoors In The Snow.

The moment a dog with a sad face, wet coat, covered with snow at Mau Son is attracting attention in the Vietnamese online community.

Recently, the image of a dog sitting in the snow was shared on many forums, attracting attention with nearly 20,000 likes, along with thousands of shares and comments after only a few hours of posting.

A dog sitting in the snow at Mau Son mountain, Lang Son

Member Su Hao expressed: “I love you so much! My dog is just a little cold, I was very worried and found a blanket to wrap it. Here… why would they let me be like this? People wear several layers of clothes, it’s still cold in the house, animals can’t stand it.

As for Thien Thien (Hanoi), right from the first night when the cold wind came, this member also woke up to find old clothes to lay a bed for the two pets in the house. “I wonder what this owner thinks to be able to look at the dog in such a state. I can’t stand it,” – this person shared.

Before the above comments, many members said that people in many places often only keep dogs to keep the house, few people care about their health.

As a witness to this situation, backpacker Tung DQ – the author of the photo that attracted attention online – said that after posting, many friends asked about the dog’s situation.

According to him, this site is a motel near the top of Mau Son, which looks quite desolate. “When I saw the dog sitting on the porch, shivering, I took the initiative to chase it into the house. “The little friend” just turned his head and went out and sat on the corner of the stairs. I also gave him a cookie, but he didn’t eat it” – he expressed.

Then, because of the strong wind, he and the group left the venue. The male backpacker said that perhaps because he had been here for a long time, the dog was not too difficult to bear the cold.

Besides sharing about sympathy, many network members want to send warm clothes and adopt this “little friend”.

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