He’s Blind, Crushed Under The Earthquake Rubble, But His Owner Just Ignored And Walk Away

A blind dog was heartlessly left in the earthquake by his owner. The whole wall collapsed on him. He didn’t know how much the weight on him was. He waited for days and nights to be rescued He’s blind, his dark world was darker.

We rushed him to the vet. He went into organ failure. Now he is not only blind but also is paralyzed. Vet said the spine was severed, nerves were damaged. Vet suggested a surgery for his spine. If the surgery is not done, he will remain paralyzed. However his health now is not ready for the surgery.

He’s been waiting for a cure for days. We started giving him physical therapy while waiting for the surgery. We also tried to improve his eyesight. Miracle did happen! Only with the physical therapy, he is able to stand up and walk.

He can only have a little walk but it’s a great progress. We finally gave him a name. It’s Boza. After 1 month of physical therapy. Boze is such a warrior! He can have longer walk now. He’s blind for a long time so it’s not really an issue with him anymore.

He has a very good hearing and directional ability. He will stay with us until we find someone that will truly love and take care for him.

Watch video bellow:

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