His body was covered in mud, he was helpless crying under the bed, begging for help

While we were walking on the wooden bridge, we heard a noise coming from under the bridge. We went down curiously, wondering what was going on, we realized that it was a dog when we passed it slowly .

He looks so tired, I wonder what happened to him? He has a very serious wound in one eye. After about 15 minutes we got him out of there.

She doesn’t want to reach anyone, it’s getting harder We took her to a nearby hospital She was fine after she was treated and cleaned for her wound, We prepared her a bowlful of food It seems she’s very hungry so she eats fast Only about 2 minutes after the bowl is empty She’s so pathetic , what a pity for her I don’t know anything is coming.

His past is a big question mark for us, I hope he forgets all this as soon as possible and regains his health. After 10 days, his health has also improved a lot We went outside to get some air. His eyes are fine now. 25 days later, he regained his health. He was able to enjoy his good days with his new friends.

Insurance pet

Now he has a new life and a new family. Everyone loves him and gives him good things, she has new clothes and is taken to many places Thank goodness for protecting and protecting her.

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Source: YouTube

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