In freezing with a crushed leg, she growled warily and thought I caused her pain

We didn’t find the location of this dog until late at night. Next to it was a busy street with many trucks. I was surprised those tracks weren’t dog paws -20 degrees, lots of snow and cold to the bone. The dog lying there got scared when she saw she was so aggressive that she almost bit me.

I tried to calm her down and it seemed to work. He was just trying to protect himself from shock. I gave her something to eat to calm her down. We took a blanket to cover her and keep her warm. But she struggled, completely losing her temper.

We had a hard time getting her into the car She still didn’t trust us and thought we would hurt her In the car she looked at us with suspicious eyes Her hind leg was bleeding and it hurts We have to get to the vet as fast as possible She lost a lot of blood and was exhausted She almost gave up she passed out and needed a blood transfusion The leg was severely crushed It is impossible to keep that leg.

It hurts The doctors had to amputate it despite their best effort Although it was painful, she was brave and did not cry But we have to deal with the pelvic problem then The accident left serious consequences We still didn’t know if he could walk or not With care for him, little by little he trusts us And a miracle happened when he met a puppy It’s a three-legged puppy just like her And when he saw this puppy, he tried to stand up That three legged dog inspired and motivated her She looked sheepishly at the puppy and then at me She will do what the puppy is doing Cleo had always shown a strong will to live.

But there’s something I still can’t explain. Why were there footprints where we found it? There were two cases I have thought of Someone went there to see her and left Or someone took her there after causing an accident Either way they ignored a dog in need.

After 3 months her friends came to say hello But she left she was silent all the way back home She needed time to heal her broken heart At the shelter, her friends were already waiting for her But she was scared, trying to run away on 3 legs.

We had to chase her a long way She always finds a way to run away from here There are many things about her that I don’t know Maybe what happened was very hard But I believe that our love will heal all of that And these friends will join me to help her A beautiful and happy future awaits us Thank you for being with this wonderful girl, Cleo Goodbye and see you in the next videos.

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