Life on the street had made him cold, lifeless, hairless and in excruciating pain

Luni was rescued from the streets after a life of suffering. His body was ravaged by demodex mange. He had lost all his hair. He was in constant pain and we wanted to comfort him. Hopefully the rest of her life would be better than her past. Luni survived on the street with a severe blood infection. He waited for help until his body was too weak to move. He couldn’t even lift his head.

The vets thought it might have been hit. He was then left in a severely injured and emaciated state. Luni was taking protein supplements and intravenous fluids to help overcome malnutrition and dehydration. Luni suffered severe hypothermia and began to convulse. Although he cheered up, he was still in critical condition.⁠ It was hard to understand how such violence could be used against an innocent dog.

He was left on the street when he was wounded and starved to death. We didn’t know how Luni was still alive , but we would cheer him up and give him some chance to survive. Red blood cells increased a little. Luni would be treated for approximately one month with 100 mg of doxycycline, 2 doses per day. They gave him medication and we saw the effect the next day.

He was still hungry, but he didn’t eat right away, but after a while, he started to eat. Turns out he didn’t like canned food so I decided to make him chicken soup and add a little pumpkin to it every day. The purulent wound continued to bleed. Although Luni was in a very critical condition at times, she was always in a very good mood.

He continued to do his best and came out unscathed. Little by little, we change his mood. For Luni’s sake, he needed to be attached to one of us. That changed not only Luni’s mood but also her body.

Watch video bellow:

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