Losing his front legs, he was abandoned in the park in the heat of 45 degrees Celsius.

We found a dog lying motionless on the grass in a park His front legs are gone There is a big wound in the tail He was taken to the hospital in a coma and lost a lot of blood He was taken to the operating room immediately and his condition returned to normal after 2 days He woke up with the expectation of everyone around Seeing that everyone was happy He said encouraging words to him First When he saw his condition at first, he was very upset and his eyes fell.

We assigned everyone to be with him at all times. On his side And after 18 days we had first results All the wounds on his body healed He became happier and more social with his friends Happier and more social with his friends.

He overcame this with his extraordinary strength He is also lucky to have friends who are always there to make his life more fun Gradually she accepted and kindly accepted We’ll help her even though everyday life is more difficult Now a kind family has taken care of her They got touched We wanted to help her after hearing her story

We’re still looking into it and haven’t made a decision yet Because she may not be able to stand it if she gets dumped again Can’t take care of herself, can’t act normally Like other dogs, we have to look closely at their current families and work in 10 days , we decided after careful consideration.

We let them adopt, but on the condition that they visit every week, they were very happy and very happy. He accepted our terms , we hope he will always be happy with his new family We will always remember him and his energetic dog story I hope all goes well for him.

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