Newborn Puppy Found On The Sidewalk Now Sleeps Inside A Home

Meet Joy!

A little puppy  that was abandoned on the sidewalk. Due to the absence of his mother’s care, he was little and frail. He was unable to care for himself and looked to be leaving his destiny to chance. Thankfully, volunteers from Howl Of A Dog, a non-profit organization committed to animal rescue in Romania, located him and took him to their facility.

Joy was barely 160 grams when he entered the shelter, making that day his official first day of existence. Orphaned newborn puppies are challenging to nurture because they are exceedingly fragile, toothless, blind, deaf, and unable to control their body temperature. The personnel made every effort to look after him and promote his growth despite their numerous difficulties.

He spent the most of the first week resting and eating with the assistance of personnel. He eventually opened his eyes after three weeks. He began to interact and explore his surroundings. By the age of seven weeks, he was strong enough to eat by himself. When he was ready for adoption, Everyone pitched together to find him a new home.

After 4 months, the excellent news was presented to the Howl Of A Dog personnel. Joy was adopted by a nice Dutch family that adored him. Ellen and Ricardo, his new parents, went across Europe to personally welcome him home.

We are glad to know that Joy is now happily residing in his permanent home with his loving family. Thank you so much for the help of kind-hearted people to bring him a blissful life. Please send your love to this sweet soul and share his story.

Watch the video below for the full story!


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