On the hill, she is trying to use her small body to protect 9 small children from the cold of winter

We found her family at a picnic on a mountain top In this peaceful place, her family struggles for daily life, She has to work hard to find food to make enough milk for her children, She has to raise 9 children by herself Insufficient food supplies make, her weaker If this situation continues, she will probably run out and bad things will happen.

So we discussed and planned to help his family, We built him and his children a home to rest and shelter from the cold in front of our eyes, Then give him food and water, We had to bring him his food every day as he refused to leave here, with his children Luckily our house is not far from here so it’s easier Maybe again It’s because she doesn’t want to get hurt so she accepts our difficult love.

So we’ll need more time to heal her heartache 20 days later, all is well, her health is stable, All her children are grown and started eating healthy. Driftwood dolls which means they will be less dependent .

Breast milk This is a good time for her to regain her health, after raising children for a long time, So we will choose a good diet for her, The children have also grown very fast, now she is 8 kilos.

Children are very cute and friendly, To us they are very obedient and listen to their mother 40 days later, his health is very good, After a long contact he finally accepted our feelings, So today we will take him and his children home and say goodbye to the old place. sad memories to look forward to a better future.

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