Piggy puppy completely transforms after getting the best chance at a new life

Piggy puppy completely transforms after getting the best chance at a new life

No pet owner wants to see their pet in a shelter. We all hope for the best for these young angels.

Nevertheless, accidents happen and pet owners cannot continue to care for their meowing friends. Knowing that there are still many out there breaks our hearts.

Chrissy Elder now regularly stops by the Charlotte, North Carolina animal shelter to see if any animals need help.

In July 2022, this caring woman discovered an adorable pit mix with floppy ears that looked like a piglet at the shelter. His owner could no longer raise him due to a health issue, so she sent him to the shelter.

The poor dog had been abandoned in a kennel with a skin disease that was getting worse every day because the shelter couldn’t take care of all the animals. Chrissy felt she had to save the puppy as soon as she met him. He was taken to the veterinary emergency room and given the new name Piggy after being diagnosed with his painful skin disease.

Piggy was then placed in a foster home run by Forgotten, Now Family Rescue, where she received medical baths twice a week to combat a dermo-dex infection. After a month, her rehabilitation was remarkable. Her body, head and limbs all began to reappear with patches of fur.


In addition, Piggy had gone from being a depressed man to a friendly and optimistic one. All day long, he played and ran around while showing endless affection for everyone. A woman called and asked to adopt Piggy in September. He is now in a better place with his beloved and loving family, just so you know.

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