Poor Dog Locked in A Car, Without Oxygen, Thirsty Under The Sun of 50°C

What’s going on with him? Is it locked in the car? In the sun close to 50 degrees, I can’t breathe, Begging for help. Where is the owner? Why are you so cruel? Very poor.

The dog is without oxygen, without water to drink. The police came, Thanks to his expertise. Police quickly smashed the window of the car. Wowwww, God, he’s fine. The poor dog hurriedly kissed the policeman’s hand and thanked him. The dog is exhausted, Lying down to rest.

It needs a lot of oxygen to breathe. We were really devastated when we saw this poor dog. He’s doing his best to breathe, It’s okay! You are saved, you are safe. He’s still a little nervous, but still prioritizing breathing. Water was brought. Oh, he’s drinking in a hurry.

He’s extremely thirsty… Oh my God, he’s getting better. He wagged his tail… We cried with joy… The police graciously dried the dog, he was afraid the dog might catch a cold… After the investigation. The owner was fined 12,000 Euros. Of course, he won’t be able to get custody of the dog because he’s been convicted of abuse.

The dog was adopted by the courteous police… The dog had a happy home. There, the courteous police never abandoned him.

Watch the Video bellow:

Source: YouTube

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