Poor Little Puppy Tries to Run After The Owner, She Doesn’t Know That She Has Been Abandoned

Meet Perla.

One day something terrible happened. His owner left him on the street and got into a car.

The puppy tried to chase after the owner, but the owner was too fast and could not catch up.

Perla was left alone in the street, confused and frightened. Perla ran and ran, trying to catch up with her owner, but her tiny legs couldn’t keep up with the speeding car.

Eventually the car disappeared and Perla realized she had lost her owner. She was lost, hungry and hurt. His little leg was injured from running too much.

Feeling helpless and alone, Perla cried, hiding in a corner of the deserted street. It was a heartbreaking sight for such a small puppy to feel so lost and scared.

But soon a kindhearted person saw him and approached him. The person was touched by the puppy’s sadness and decided to help him.

The person took Perla home, gave her food and water, and intervened on her injured leg. They showered Perla with love and affection, and soon Perla began to feel better.

He forgot his past and started to enjoy his new life with his new family. Perla was now a happy and playful puppy, full of energy and love. He had found a new home and a new family that cared deeply for him.

The little puppy had experienced abandonment and heartbreak, but with the help of a kind person, he found happiness and love once again.

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Source: YouTube

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