Poor Puppy Is Crying & Trying To Wake His Weak Mom Up, Many Days They Don’t Have Anything To Eat…

This poor puppy is trying to wake up his weak mother. Most days they have nothing to eat. She has 3 cubs she gave birth to. She is exhausted by breastfed babies who are not fully fed. They lived on a construction site.

They all look sad and tired. Not even a puppy could stand up. We slowly approached the dog’s mother and she became very calm. Some people working at the construction site said he came here a few weeks ago. Maybe it was abandoned by its owner.

Insurance dog, insurance dog

Mother dogs tend to be aggressive to protect their pups, but she probably knew we wanted to help and didn’t bark or bite. We give them food and they eat like they’ve never eaten before. We took him to the vet for a checkup. Fortunately, nothing critical to their health.

All were brought back to the shelter. They will be entrusted with vaccinations and microchips . Also, the dog mother will be neutered. The puppy has gained a lot of weight. We are already opening adoption for them.

Insurance dog, insurance dog

A few weeks later, 3 puppies were adopted. Unfortunately, no one offered the dog a home. He’s very affectionate and sweet. It will stay with us until an adopted son arrives.

Watch the Video bellow:

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