Probaly Stayed In The Dark Room For His Entire Life, His Heart Pumped Hard When We Got Him Out

My heart was broken when we got Moka out on 11 June, he was found together with many in a puppy factory, someone rent a house to run it but got spotted recently, so they abandoned them all – starved and deadlocked, some are small + in critical situation so we got them first, later police and local able to rescue all of them. but everyone is in a deep shock.

Got them to our vet to give them proper treatment, luckily they behaved very well – even in suck situation, Moka and 2 other small ones are giving special care. Moka is the weakest, he has to stay in urgent room, where he can get oxygen support and blood transfusion.

Probaly Stayed In The Dark Room For His Entire Life, His Heart Pumped Hard When We Got Him Out

we just hope he can make it, the next day, we took him for extra blood test. so emaciated, with skin badly infected as well, just like a bag of bones, and scared of human., the other improved well, they gradually got adopted.

Some also go to other shelters as we couldn’t take all, other 2 puppies and Moka will stay with us for a while. Moka got his vaccinated but still stay in quarantine, have to live with medical support for another week. Nabi – his first brother got adopted, and then Xabi’s turn, but Moka is weak and ugly and no one took him.

Poor Moka – I know it’s not your fault, we promise will take care of him and give him the best. after a week, he start to able to eat a bit on his own, his appetize got better and better, still need medical support every few days in a week, give him sunshine which is good for his immune system, and medicated bath to fix his skin infection.

Day 15 – Moka now eat nearly raw food on his own, he got used to medicated bath & behaved much better. Moka now – got better day after day, now he can eat his raw food, soon he will be a perfect pet for sure.

Watch video bellow: 

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