Rescue Abandoned Little Puppy With Big Injury Lived In Cave With Maggots, No Food and Water

Rescue Abandoned Little Puppy With Big Inju.ry Lived In Cave With, No Food and Water!

Someone informed the Kokkachi shelter that a small puppy was injured in the stomach. The team of volunteers went there and verified that he was outside the cave, but they had nothing to save him with.


So they went back to the shelter and took everything they needed, like clothes, milk, a bag, etc. The team returned, but he had already entered the cave and had not come out. Someone poured some milk into a bowl and placed it outside the cave and waited for a few hours.


After a few hours, the puppy came out of the cave, and they closed the cave with wooden blocks. They caught the puppy, covered the wound with a cloth and took it to a veterinary clinic in Calicut.


The rescue operation was very difficult, he kept going back inside every time they tried to catch him. The cave was very big and it took a long time to catch him.


Unfortunately the veterinary hospitals were not open because it was a holiday.

Finally they found a nice doctor who agreed to treat him, Dr. Shihabudheen, who did all the treatments without paying anything.


After the treatment, they took the puppy to the Kokkachi shelter. “And he will become part of the Kokkachi family.

The puppy recovered quickly, he had a lot of energy. The whole shelter staff loved him from the first time they saw him. He has such beautiful eyes.


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