Rescued Puppy With Eyes Full Of Tears Finds A Loving Home

Rudy the dog was famished and covered in scrapes, bruises, and fractured bones when he was discovered on the street. He was in such horrible shape that his name was put on a list for euthanasia and he was scheduled to pass away since his recuperation would be too expensive and there were concerns about his mental state.

However, Houston Street Dogs had a different opinion and chose to take him in and support him on his difficult journey to recovery.

By: K9 Kelaroo

His foster home was with a woman who had saved countless abused dogs, thanks to the help of staff. But it wouldn’t be simple to put Rudy on the proper path, and there were some difficult choices to be made.

They quickly got in touch with a foster mother who had experience caring for dogs that had experienced terrible events, and she agreed to take him in. At last, he was secure. He was covered with scratches and bruises, and he was also scared of people, so the road to rehabilitation would be difficult.

By: K9 Kelaroo

But he was fortunate to get through the months of recovery because of the unwavering love and assistance from his foster mother. He had treatment for mange, pneumonia, and other diseases during this time.

In addition, he had to suffer uncomfortable injections to treat his heartworm. Even though his hip issues prevented him from playing with his other dog companions, he eventually began to appear incredibly healthy and content.

By: K9 Kelaroo

A campaign was established after an X-ray indicated that Rudy required a complete hip replacement, which would cost thousands of dollars. Rudy’s development was documented in a video that was soon made popular and, thankfully, money began to pour in.

According to Paw my Gosh, the YouCaring fundraising was successful and Rudy was able to receive the surgery he need to lead a normal life.

By: K9 Kelaroo

Rudy has undergone a remarkable shift, not only in terms of his outward look but also in the happiness and brightness of his eyes, which have changed from being sad and hopeless to joyous and bright.

What love and care can do to improve an animal’s quality of life is truly astounding. After being mistreated, you’d think Rudy would be violent, but he’s lovely and affectionate.

Watch video below :

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