Rescuers find an abandoned hound dog rotting in a field and are determined to save it

Dogs are innocent creatures, so when they get into trouble through no fault of their own, it’s sad.

When members of the Diasozo Animal Rescue Team in Karditsa, Greece, found a dog in the countryside, she was in poor health. Fortunately, they were ready to get her the help she needed.

A dog was found injured during a field operation.

A village in Greece called some dogs for help in the field, so workers rushed to understand the situation. situation. When rescuers found the dog, whom they named Lydia, she was alone in a field. She was emaciated and had a large rotten wound on her back and needed immediate medical attention.

Lydia was carefully transported to a local clinic

The team carefully helped her up and lifted Lydia out of the area. They had to travel slowly for fear of hurting her further. The last thing the rescuers wanted to do was make Lydia suffer anymore.

They planned to take her directly from the area to the vet.

As the team prepared for the trip, Lydia was exhausted and almost unable to move.

They wrapped her in a blanket and put her in a doghouse in the back of the car.

Soon she would be in a safe place where she could be treated for her injuries.

Finally, Lydia and her rescuers made their way to the vet, who transported her to the clinic. After the rescuers opened the cage, Lydia carefully walked out, limping around the small room. Even though she was injured, Lydia was full of curiosity. Even her ineptitude couldn’t quell her curiosity as Lydia checked out her new surroundings. But soon it was time to examine her, especially the wound on her back that looked terrible.

Lydia was in really bad shape.

When the vet examined her, Lydia was placed on the examining table.

As she lay quietly, she seemed to trust those around her and asked the team to feel her injured body.

As the team examined Lydia’s body, they were ready to determine the extent of her injuries.

In addition to the huge wound on her back, she had a smaller one on her injured leg where the bone had broken and gone through.

Lydia was treated for her injuries. Now it was time for her to recover. Day by day, she slowly improved, until she was greatly improved. Although she was still limping, she seemed to have more energy than she did at first.

Soon, it was time for Lydia to maneuver into a family.

Soon, Lydia was healthy enough to leave the clinic and start a new life. She was taken to her family where she completed her recovery before being placed in a replacement home. To learn more about DAR Animal Rescue, visit the organization’s Facebook page.

Learn more about Lydia’s rescue and recovery in the video below!

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