She Burned After Being Hit with a Rocket But All Misfortune Didn’t Stop Her from Becoming a Queen

Meet Lolly. She was the victim of a rocket attack in Erbil last night. Her whole body was burned… Sores and pain.. She is now in the onsite clinic receiving IV fluids and a cocktail of pain relief and antibiotics. Her badly burned legs have been wrapped in flamazine cream and clingfilm to help keep infection out.

She is drinking water and has been able to get up and have a walk around the clinic. She is being kept free of pain and is comfortable but she is not out of the woods. As was expected she is now experiencing a lot of facial swelling and is very itchy.

Lolly is still being kept under sedation right now so she is not moving much. Lolly is a fighter but she still has a long battle ahead of her. Tomorrow we plan to start weaning her off the sedation. Lolly is doing great! Her appetite is finally completely normal again now and we are starting to see the real Lolly shine again.


Our beautiful Lolly is doing so well now! We think she is smiling at us in this video, she just looks so happy that she is safe and loved! We can now confirm that it seems that Lolly’s hearing has returned although we have no idea how much she can hear. Her burns are no longer causing her issues and her shrapnel wounds are healing.

Lolly truly is a miracle dog, despite it only being 4 months since she was so badly hurt in the rocket attack she is completely healed now and full of smiles for everyone. Lolly is currently at Many Tears Animal Rescue where she is very happy and has friends.

Watch video bellow:

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