She Cried and Wished That She Could Eat a Delicious Meal to Survive

Trio Animal Foundation was contacted about a female pitbull who is in critical condition and needs immediate medical attention. This 2-year-old pup weighed just 25 pounds and was starving. In any case, he shouldn’t be alive. He had pressure sores with frostbite all over and around the ground in contact with the ground.

It was obvious that parts of his skin were stuck to the ground and pulled. The frostbite also caused the edges of his ears to be serrated like knives. There was not a single part of his body that was not damaged by sub-zero temperatures and starvation.

His deep wounds were oozing and he looked like a walking skeleton. Even her standing defies all logic. Once at the emergency vet, Trinity was started on IV fluids to keep her body from shutting down. X-rays would continue to show a few metal lumps throughout the abdomen. This leads us to believe that Trinity was most likely shot with a BB or shotgun.

There were literally so many layers of exploits that we needed to prioritize which to tackle first. The biggest concern would be refeeding syndrome. If Trinity is fed too much food, her body can’t handle it. He could have seizures, shortness of breath, heart failure, organ failure, and even death. To prevent this from happening, Trinity was fed 4 very small meals throughout the day for at least a week.

With each passing week, we gradually increased Trinity’s food intake. It would take about a month for Trinity’s body to fully adjust to eating a full meal. I must add how incredibly sweet and forgiving she is. All he wanted was to sit on my lap, kiss my face and hug me.

Even as his open wounds cling to my jeans, the need for affection outweighed the physical pain. He just wanted to be loved. As the days passed in the ER, Trinity began to eject large balls of fabric when she defecated. This poor dog was so hungry that he must have eaten everything to relieve his hunger pangs.

He was just trying to survive. After 15 days Trinity still hadn’t gained weight and we decided she needed to start physical therapy. He had so much muscle wasting in his legs and back that he couldn’t even sit properly. Our main goal was to stimulate Trinity’s muscles, work on balance and prevent additional pressure sores. 30 days later: Trinity chooses to go out on her own.

This had less to do with being weak and more to do with fear of being ostracized in the cold. It was now the beginning of May and Trinity had done what many thought was impossible. Trinity had fully recovered and was ready to go to a foster family best equipped for her needs. Trinity has always loved her people and the world needs more time to meet her.

For now, we wanted the world to see our daughter and what she’s accomplished. Look who’s such a good girl and making new friends… TRINITY!!! After all she’s been through, she still has found a way to trust people. Trinity was smiling while playing in the office today.

He’s my little shadow and he always wants to be in it. She’s a happy girl after everything she’s been through.

Watch the Video bellow:

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