She didn’t want an ending like this, the driver took her out from a fastened sack

Along a road in the middle of a cold night A truck dumped the tied up sack here The driver behind the truck saw the sack move He opened it up and found this dog lying inside And he called us to help this poor dog Just a little more and the sack would run out of oxygen. Breathing was wheezing, like a hissing in the lungs.

The entire lower part of his body was stunted. They stitched up a wound on his thigh. And the conclusion that followed surprised us “This dog broke his spine months before” said the doctor And it caused atrophy in his lower body And he would never walk again So where has he been all these months? Surgery would not help this dog. We could only take good care of him.

More than 2 weeks later, his condition was stable. I asked the doctor for permission to take her home. The most important thing for her was to gain weight. We had arranged for her a cozy place. little room In the meantime we would find solutions for her This poor has been sent many gifts And the driver who found her also asked often And a miracle happened to us She miraculously managed to stand up She was so surprised with everything that was happening And that really gave us even a little hope.

Will he be able to walk again? There were many theories about her former life Maybe she had an accident and broke her spine The owner took care of her for a while and then gave up She was getting tired and they didn’t want her anymore And they left her on that cold road Her weight was improving remarkably every day. Do you see the belt wrapped around his waist?

We were planning to practice with that ball Whatever the outcome, we want to try But it wasn’t that easy “what you’re doing is in vain” the doctor told me His spine couldn’t heal We can only accept the truth and move on And I bought him this bed new Underneath there was a special mattress for the disabled And she also has a lot of toys inside.

This bed is like a miniature world for her She would stay inside this bed at night And they bought her a lot of snacks She loves the food I bought her And this was what happened after her game She seemed to know what her fault was We gave her Datoka, a beautiful name The dogs in the house also love to play with her They help her heal the wounds of her soul.

There is so much going on in your life. That day she had a new friend, Fedor, to visit her. Fedor was also an abandoned dog . But a beautiful end came to their lives.

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