She Has Never Been Hugged, Never Heard Words of Love…

Halloween morning, this girl was found on the streets. How does this happen? How long has she been like this? I will never understand how an animal comes to be in such terrible condition. She was brought to the Vet. She looked awful and so very afraid.

Her skin was even worse than we were expecting. Her eyes were cloudy. We could see every bone in her body even under the thick layer of hardened scabs. The smell… it was overwhelming. We decided to name her Blondie. Sweet girl has mange. She was treated with an oral medication to kill the mites under her skin.

Her back has a high arch and she experiences lameness of the back legs when she walks. Blondie really did love the other little girls. She followed them around for few minutes before she retreated back to her safe spot. As much as I want to hold her and love on her.

She has spent most of that time very shut down, curled up in a little ball in her “babe cave”. Blondie is starting to heal. I see small improvements each day not only physically but emotionally. We absolutely adore this dog. Blondie still seems to see the beauty in life even after facing the worst of demons.

This little dog is truly healing not only physically but emotionally. Blondie is soaking up the love & sunshine on this gorgeous Sunday afternoon. Blondie is so lucky to have you all behind her.

Watch Video bellow:

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