She suffered long time with breast tumor cancer and womb protruding without help and shaking in fear

The owner of this poor dog asking us for help! She suffered pain long time, but they don’t have money to take her to Vet clinic for checking and treatment. The doctor diagnose that she have cancer with tumor in his stomach….

She had big womb protruding outisde.. Treatment requires about 3 chemotherapy sessions, but must also look at the response of the medicines. Long-term treatment require. We name her is Namwan. All the big tumor on her small body must to removed and long time treatment…

Namwan have long road ahead. Please keep fighting strong little puppy. Day 2: The doctor and little Namwan are ready for surgery, to remove the tumor cancer and womb protruding. 1. Get the brisket to the titties And 2 lumps on the chest. 2. Removal of breast lump at genitals is due to overgrown breasts from the uterus area.

Our heartbroken when see she non stop shaking in fear and terrified. The surgery is done successfully. It’s very difficult case but little Namwan make it.. She’s fighting strong for her life. Day 3: Good recovery. Good wound. Keep fighting, sweet sugar….

Day 8: Our poor dog Little Namwan is in good recovery, wound is drying up… She’s eating, walking and fighting stronger… we can not wait to see her happy in new family… Day 15: Little Namwan is ready for discharge from the Vet.. Little Namwan is full recovery now.

She’s a healthy and happy dog and ready travel to new hom. Namwan got adopted by a kind woman. She deserve a happy life forever.

Watch the Video bellow:

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