She was dumped at the park after she’s heavy pregnant! She was terrified and hiding under car

Meet Noel! Found in a park. Finder suspected she was thrown there after seeing how pregnant she was. He was very scared and was hiding under cars. We rushed to get her to safety so she wouldn’t let her cubs out on the street.

It only took a little cowardice and kind words for Noel to trust us enough, to load him in a chest and return to the rescue house. She is settling in nicely and can have her babies at any time. It seems that when they finally feel safe and secure, they will be able to relax enough to deliver their baby.

Please pray that the birth of Christmas goes smoothly. Our foster maternity ward will keep an eye on her now and as she raises her new family. Day 1: Good morning. Life is Beautiful. -Christmas.

Day 4: Please welcome the 5 babies of Christmas into this world. He is safe. Don’t hold on. And every need is met by a human midwife team. Thank you to the kind person who alerted us to it.

Meet Queen Noel and their babies Tiana, Jasmine, Philip and Eric, thanks to you, who are safe and in the best place to raise their family! All mother Noel and her 4 puppies were adopted into the happy family. Thank you all for your support!

Watch video bellow:

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