She Was Kicked Out of The House, Sad And Exhausted By The Scorn of Passersby

She was driven out of the house, sad and exhausted by the contempt of passers-by.

Preciosa, please! Many people were moved to tears by Preciosa’s story.

She was evicted from an apartment building over a month ago. She was even beaten by her landlord before being put on the street.

She was really cold because of the heavy snowfall, and she survived thanks to the kindness of onlookers. As the days passed, she kept looking at the house where she used to live. She was very depressed. She prowled the streets and narrow alleys looking for food. She was in a small community.

One of those trips left her with bruises and a broken thigh. She was so exhausted that she had to lean against the fence while being dragged down the street.

Preciosa was taken to the vet with all her prayers, according to Paws Show. She was hospitalized for two days for surgery. After the surgery, a beautiful girl. She will be able to move more easily and talk more.

Preciosa started walking after 15 days. She is moving around as the doctor instructed. The wound has recovered. Her injuries were carefully examined.

Preciosa had fully recovered a month later. She is a sweet and wonderfully polite girl. She gained weight with the help of the sponsor, becoming an extremely beautiful girl.

Preciosa has started to look for a new home. She hopes to find people who really love her. Thank you all!

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