She’s running down the street crying on fire! Despite what’s done to her she still trusts human!

Meet Riona! People covered her with gas and set her on fire. She was running down the street covered in flames. The person who called in about Riona said the dog was running down the street screaming on fire.

But all she wants to do is love everyone! She is now at the vet for a check up and treatment. Her skin burns, and her hair is singed. She also has a cut around her neck from a tying cord. This girl was abused. And yet she wags her tail. Riona has been sedated and shaved down and bathed. About to get a bandage.

Riona will require a lot of daily bandage changes, which means a lot of medical supplies will be needed. She has old scars from previous injuries, which means she has been the victim of abuse for a long time .

Day 3: Riona is so loving towards humans despite what man did to her. Dogs are so much better than us.

Day 6: Treat time! Riona has a big appetite which is a blessing! Her tail is always wagging. Riona spends the weekend with Mallory so she can continue to receive 24/7 care. That includes numerous bandage changes and wound care. As you can see Riona is in a great mood!

Day 7: Riona has a long road ahead of her. It’s not going to be cheap but it’s going to be the best. Thought, terrible things have happened but things are getting better. In Riona’s case we see what evil mankind is capable of but more so I have seen what good people have in them when hundreds gather to help a puppy they never, and may never, meet.

No matter what I believe the world has more good than bad in it, but unfortunately we too often see and hear about the bad too often. Day 13: Look at her eye!!! Riona is healing so well! Day 14: Riona is up and walking around. An itchy baby. Those wounds are healing. Day 23: Happy rainy day from Riona!

Day 25: Today the vet closed the burns on her face except for her ear, and the smaller burns on the right side of her body. This will allow her to no longer have to wear the face wrap. In 10-14 days when these heal, we will be able to start adding the tissue expanders to prepare for the skin flaps on her legs!

Day 30: Just one more happy moment about Riona for today! Day 34! Day 40: She is brave. She is fearless. She is perfection! Day 46: Just popping in to say hello! Day 48: Riona really is our warrior princess! Day 50: Riona dancing!!! Day 58: Bandage change protocol for Riona!

Day 64: This is one of Riona’s skin expanders. He is doing well! Day 120: Riona is recovering from her last operation (third operation on her body) Time for a new adventure, a little one, Riona! Almost a year to the date and Riona is moving on to her next step in life. Her foster mother, Mallory, has been her savior, her caretaker, and her absolute angel throughout her year-long recovery.

It can be hard to let go, but this is why we do what we do. Riona was adopted into a new happy family today. Look how happy our daughter is! She is in her forever home with 2 little fur sisters who she loves to play with! Riona is so happy today with friends and in full care and love! Thank you all for your support always!

Watch the Video bellow:

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