Shock: Her Husband Left Her Because She Gave Birth to 7 Twin Children. See What Happened After 25 Years. Everything in Your Imagination Will Be Seen With Your Own Eyes

In 1997, the lives of the McCaughey family were turned upside down. Bobbie McCaughey gave birth to seven children – four boys and three girls. News of this miracle spread around the world, as the McCaughey babies were the first surviving septuplets.

Kenny, Kelsey, Natalie, Brandon, Alexis, Nathan and Joel became known as the “seven in heaven”. Raising the septuplets was a great success for Bobbie and her husband Kenny, and anyone with children can understand why. But despite all the difficulties, these children have been surrounded by tenderness and care.

This year, the famous McCaughey children celebrated their 19th birthday! They have grown into amazing young people who already know what they want to be when they grow up.

In 1997, Bobbie and Kenny wanted to have a second child, so they turned to the in vitro fertilization center. After learning that Bobbie was pregnant with seven children following fertility treatment, the couple refused selective reduction to reduce the number of children. Doctors tried to dissuade them, but the parents, fervent churchgoers, remained faithful to their decision.

The children were born very small, the smallest weighing 1.13 kg and the largest 1.5 kg. The doctors did what they could for the “seven of heaven”, and the children survived and grew up healthy. Alexis and Nathan were born with some form of cerebral palsy, but both underwent surgery and are doing well. Today, they are healthy and go to school.

Everyone understood the McCaughey family’s difficult and unusual situation, and many people and charitable foundations helped them. The family received a big new house, the children were entitled to free school meals and were able to go on vacation. Nevertheless, Kenny worked hard and the children learned the importance of accomplishing things for themselves.

Eldest daughter Mikayla, who was born a year before her siblings, helped her mother look after the children.

Second row, left to right, Brandon, Alexis, Joel and Nathan. Front row, right to left, Kenny Sr, Kenny Jr, Kelsey, Natalie and their mother Bobbie. The children are doing well and have already decided what they want to do.

Brandon will join the army after high school; Alexis wants to become an educator; Natalie wants to be a schoolteacher; Kenny Jr. hopes to pursue a career in construction; Nathan and Joel will become programmers, and Kelsey sings in the Iowa State Choir and wants to become a professional singer.

These kids aren’t just siblings, they’re also great friends. Here’s a photo of Natalie, Alexis and Kelsey on Mikayla’s wedding day.

The septuplets will soon be leaving school and the family nest. When they all leave, it’s going to be really radical,” admits Bobbie. The house, which has never been quiet, will suddenly be empty.

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