Siamese Sisters Who Cannot Be Separated: We Are Not Different And They Have A Beautiful Dream

“ We are normal, we are only together, but we try to imagine life as the rest of the people ”, said Carmen, who along with her sister Guadalupe, have learned to do everything together.

The world of science and nature itself can surprise society in ways that are not imagined. The pathologies and conditions that a person may have at birth are different, which may even be linked to siblings, but the case of these twins has left the world breathless.

It’s about Carmen and Guadalupe Andrade Solís, some sisters Siamese of Mexico that were born in the same body. It sounds a little difficult to explain, but the two are joined from the navel down, so they only have one pair of legs, though four arms and two heads.

Carmen and Guadalupe Andrade

“ We see no differences, we are normal, only we are together, but we try to imagine the life like the rest of the people“, Carmen commented, in conversation with Univision.

They were born in Veracruz in the year 2000 but they moved to States United two years later, to practice a surgery to separate their bodies. However, that was impossible and since then they have learned to live united. This was because they share ribs, liver, circulatory system, as well as systems digestive, in addition to organs vital, as they commented.

Carmen and Guadalupe Andrade

“ The most difficult thing was learn to walk ”, said Guadalupe, whom Lupita knows with affection. “ The biggest challenge was finding the coordination and the balance to do it, because each one has one leg“, he detailed.

It was a hard process to adapt, but between the two they have known how to understand each other and together they are pursuing the same career. “ We are studying veterinary technique and Lupita also insemination artificial for cows“, Carmen said.

Carmen and Guadalupe Andrade

This profession they study is linked to the fact that from a very young age they have been related to the countryside and animals. “ The truth is that from the 5 years we wanted to work in one way or another with animals“, confessed Carmen, who thanked her parents for being guide in all the process.

“ We have supported from the beginning, they do not think that the way that we were born us limit in how much what we can do, they have supported us of everything ”, he said.

Carmen and Guadalupe Andrade

“ We were taught to drive, to walk during therapy, Dad took us to work and wanted us to help him, my mother has always been there when we got sick, supports us with the task of school, cooking and managing the life“, he added.

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