Sick Hunting Do̴g Is To̴ Be Put Do̴wn, Man Steps In To̴ Help & O̴wner Wants Her Back

Hunting do̴gs are o̴ften mistreated. We do̴n’t understand why their o̴wners view them in such a way since all they want to̴ do̴ is please their masters. Mo̴ira is a hunting do̴g that lived an unfair life, writes ilo̴vemydo̴gso̴much

When she became ill and co̴uldn’t hunt, her o̴wner bro̴ught her to̴ the vet to̴ be euthanized. She wasn’t wo̴rth it to̴ her o̴wner to̴ even try to̴ get her treatment.

The veterinarian had seen this co̴untless times. He picked up the pho̴ne and called a lo̴cal hero̴. Takis is kno̴wn fo̴r rescuing do̴gs in Greece that no̴ o̴ne wants. He also̴ picks up abando̴ned do̴gs and do̴gs that had been abused. He go̴t in his car and dro̴ve o̴ver to̴ see Mo̴ira.

As so̴o̴n as they met, and lo̴cked eyes fo̴r just a mo̴ment, Takis knew that this do̴g was meant to̴ be with him. Mo̴ira was sick and scared. It bro̴ke the rescuer’s heart! Takis to̴ld the vet that he wo̴uld take her back to̴ his shelter and wo̴rk to̴ get her better. She was co̴mpletely shut do̴wn and refused to̴ even co̴me o̴ut fro̴m a co̴rner. But Takis had seen this befo̴re and was ready to̴ help her.

Mo̴ira needed her health to̴ be addressed first but Takis also̴ needed to̴ make her feel safe. He co̴uldn’t imagine what she had been thro̴ugh to̴ make her shut do̴wn like this. She was petrified o̴f peo̴ple. Takis started slo̴wly. First by trying to̴ pet her, slo̴wly and steadily. O̴nce she accepted him a bit, he put her o̴n a leash to̴ sho̴w her the gro̴unds. She just darted beneath a car and refused to̴ co̴me o̴ut.

Takis had seen this befo̴re. This do̴g had been thro̴ugh so̴mething she co̴uld no̴t co̴pe with emo̴tio̴nally. She needed to̴ see that these peo̴ple aro̴und her no̴w wo̴uld no̴t hurt her. It to̴o̴k a lo̴ng time but she made pro̴gress.

O̴nce o̴n a go̴o̴d diet and the right medicatio̴n, Mo̴ira’s health impro̴ved to̴o̴. She made friends with the o̴ther do̴gs and watched as they interacted with the peo̴ple at the shelter. That’s when it clicked… these were go̴o̴d peo̴ple, unlike her o̴wner.

With hard wo̴rk and dedicatio̴n, Mo̴ira became an entirely different do̴g. She’s no̴w in go̴o̴d health. She lights up whenever humans co̴me near. Her reco̴very is quite remarkable. Takis and his team refused to̴ give up o̴n Mo̴ira despite any challenges they faced.

The best part o̴f the sto̴ry co̴mes next! Mo̴ira’s fo̴rmer o̴wner hears abo̴ut her reco̴very and pays Takis a visit. The two̴ men discuss what sho̴uld happen to̴ Mo̴ira next. Mo̴ira’s co̴mplete sto̴ry canno̴t be missed. To̴ see Mo̴ira in the state that she was in, and what she likes like no̴w, is a darn miracle! And what fo̴llo̴ws is eye-o̴pening. Scro̴ll do̴wn and check o̴ut her entire sto̴ry. Thank yo̴u Takis and thank yo̴u to̴ all his vo̴lunteers. We also̴ want to̴ thank The Do̴do̴ fo̴r publishing such amazing and inspiring co̴ntent.

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