Sick Mama Dog Exhausted, Her Body Full of Maggots But Still Work Hard to Take Care of Her Cubs

In a small village, an abandoned house became the home of a dog family. With no one to take care of them, they were left to fend for themselves. The mother dog had a progressively worsening infection in her hind leg . On her body Mother dog has to endure the pain every day. A kind-hearted individual came across them and made it his mission to help.

The dogs lie in the bushes to protect themselves from the heat, the weather is very hot in the summer and the flies are so numerous that they try to enter the puppies’ bodies. This individual couldn’t stand to see his canine family suffer. And they took it upon themselves to save them. They put them in their cars and took them to a safe place.

The mother dog needed serious medical attention When she came to my house she had almost no energy I gave her tonic and gave her some food She needs to eat a lot to get enough nutrition to regain her strength She is very pathetic To take care of the baby next to me Due to the hot weather they gave her a bath to remove the spots on her body and relieve her discomfort.

The puppies were also given a bath to clean their bodies. After the bath the whole family lay down to rest The pups were not getting enough milk from their mother So the individual gave them supplemental milk to supplement their diet They also trimmed the fur to facilitate the administration of medication to treat infections in their skin.

After full, the puppies should go to sleep The puppies are only a few days old so they haven’t opened their eyes yet They look so cute, they will grow up to be healthy Mother dog needs a haircut to clean the body Infections need to be treated with medication Getting a haircut will make her cleaner and more comfortable As time goes by, the puppies have grown bigger and stronger and are constantly cuddling their mother When they are one month old, the puppies are ready to learn light eating.

Food like porridge I took them to my house and provided the care they needed It was hard but it was worth it to see them happy and healthy The dog family now lives and plays and has fun in a safe and secure environment . have fun together. The mother dog is a loving and devoted parent and the puppies grow up to be strong and healthy.

I hope this story inspires others to take action and help animals in need. There are so many animals out there suffering and they need our help. Even small gestures can make a difference. So when you see an animal in need, please don’t hesitate to lend a helping hand. It ‘s heart-warming to see what a little kindness can do. Let ‘s always remember to show compassion to those in need.

Together, we can make the world a better place for all living things, whether humans or animals. The mother dog was taken to the hospital for a health checkup. The person was relieved to hear that he had been given a clean medical report.

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