Skinny Puppy Shed Floods of Tears, Trying to Crawl Get Something to Eat But Absolutely Couldn’t

A less than two-month-old puppy was abandoned in the street. The poor pup had two broken legs and a broken spine, rendering him unable to move. Despite his struggles, the exhausted puppy still longed for something. Was he searching for his mother?

Or was he desperately seeking food? The malnourished little canine continued to battle, trying to quench his thirst. It was evident he had been starving for quite some time. He yearned to enter a resident’s house, dreaming of a warm and loving life like the dog inside.

However, not all hope was lost for this heartbroken pup. In fact, he radiated love, affection, care, and a desire for protection… When I arrived, he wagged his tail and pleaded for a hug. It was painful for him, his leg throbbing with soreness. He was emaciated and severely anemic. We decided to name him Clark.

Even the doctor was astonished by Clark’s condition. He couldn’t even urinate… perhaps due to polio. The doctor proceeded with a urinary catheterization, causing Clark immense pain. The poor puppy was infested with ticks and fleas. Let’s send our encouragement to this unfortunate little one… his situation is dire.

After a day filled with stress, Clark deserved a good meal and some rest, didn’t he? Thankfully, he began to show signs of improvement. Clark would require several major surgeries… let’s support this poor baby throughout his journey. At times, Clark displayed shyness.

He would gaze at the cylinder inquisitively… hee. To make matters worse, Clark couldn’t have a bowel movement. His anus required intervention. Treating this baby was an arduous task. However, his adorable face served as a reminder that we would never give up.

Day 20: The boy had made significant progress. He had gained a kilo in weight. The following week, he would undergo spine surgery. Hopefully, his condition would improve further, granting him more mobility. The surgery was underway.

Thank goodness, it was a success. Now, he needed careful post-surgical care. Day 35: Clark continued to get better. There was no doubt he would make a full recovery soon. Thank you all for showering this sweet boy with love. Your support means the world to us.

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