Suffering from bone cancer, he could lose his life at any time

We received an urgent call about a dog with a large tumor on its face. We still didn’t know if the tumor was benign or malignant. But without everyone’s cooperation we could not have saved this life. Roni’s condition was worse than we imagined. His breathing was very bad and the tumor was so large that it covered the entire area of his eyes. We didn’t know what disease he had. We would go with him to the vet to find out exactly what was wrong with Roni.

He also had a lot of discharge from his nose. The vet did blood tests, ultrasounds and X-rays to find out what was wrong. He had a change in his sinuses. If she raised her head, she couldn’t breathe. He was also releasing discharge from his nose and one eye. The eye next to the tumor appeared to be intact.

Insurance pet, insurance dog

We were waiting for the results of the first tests to know the next course for him. The vet then gave him a sedative to better assess his general condition. Part of the tumor on his face was liquid, the vet tried to suction it out. The rest of the tumor was very hard, whether it was a benign or malignant tumor the vet still wasn’t sure. On X-ray and ultrasound examination, her lungs show a metastatic process.

In addition, there were small foreign bodies in the stomach. He had an infection, low albumin, and anemia. He needed an urgent CT scan to better assess his condition. These days had been difficult for Roni. He had to repeat the tests over and over again even though his body was very tired. He was restored to health after the anesthetic CT scan.

Insurance pet, insurance dog

He would undergo the first surgery to clean and extract some teeth. Roni was developing cancer of bone origin: osteosarcoma or chondrosarcoma. Roni was developing cancer of bone origin: osteosarcoma or chondrosarcoma. This ferocious disease could cause a lot of discomfort and take your life at any time.

There was massive invasion of the sinuses causing complete airway obstruction. In addition, there was destruction of the nasal bone and communication with the oral cavity, due to the fistula in the soft palate. The surgical plan was to first clean the mouth to reduce infection. Then he would need a second surgery. This was surgery to cut the nose and remove all the tumor that was obstructing the airway. The third was orthopedic surgery to reconstruct the face.

Insurance pet, insurance dog

Finally, the vet reconstructed the palate and corrected the fistula in the oral cavity. I was hoping that everything would work out and that we would see the absolutely gorgeous Roni soon.

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