The baby was born with a huge mole on his forehead – this was the reaction of the doctors

The baby was born with a huge mole on his forehead – this was the reaction of the doctors.

His father, Daniel Brookshaw, claims that a surgeon refused to operate on his little daughter, who was born with a huge mole on his forehead, because the doctor says the little girl doesn’t have to fear ridicule for it until high school.

The 26 years old Daniel Brookshaw and his 24-year-old partner, Celine Casey, became parents on April 6th. Little girl, Vienna, with a large mole ( congenital melanocyter Naevus ) was born on the forehead.

It is a rare type of mole that is formed by the accumulation of several benign pigment cells and results in a black spot.

The young parents were sent to Leeds St James University Hospital to solve the problem, but the opinion of the doctor there did not win their liking at all.

Daniel he says they were very disappointed when the doctor decided not to operate on the little girl and said they were worried Vienna because of his mental health. According to the parents, the little girl will be mocked in kindergarten because „ the children do not yet have filters ” for this.

Celine she worries that her daughter will one day ask her why she didn’t try to do something if she would have to face people who hurt her because of her birthmark all the time.

In addition, parents fear that there may be a risk of cancer if the mole may grow even further, although doctors say this risk is not yet threatened.

„ We only saw the birthmark when it was born, which was a huge shock to us, and the midwives didn’t even know what it was. I panicked. We were sent to Leeds St James University Hospital for a pediatrician and he basically said he wouldn’t consider surgery until Vienna got bigger. However, we also talked to a dermatologist and he also said it wouldn’t change anything. ” – told the worried mother.

Experts have allegedly told parents that the mole has no effect on the little girl’s health and there is currently no risk of cancer. However, parents are also afraid of the possible psychological effects that the mole can have on their daughter.

„ Vienna is a very happy baby. Simply fantastic. Now his own personality began to show. As she grows and begins to understand more and more things, she will realize that she is not quite like the other children in terms of appearance. ”

„ Nowadays, children don’t have a filter about such things, and we don’t want this thing to affect their mental health. ” – said the little girl’s father.

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