The Old Dog With Blind Eyes Was Groping, He Was Lonely On The Street In The Cold

The old dog with blind eyes was groping, he was lonely on the street in the cold.

Street life is extremely difficult, and it will be even more difficult for a blind dog.

Dexter has lived on the street for the past two months. His eyes are completely blind, his age is advanced and it will be difficult for him to survive in the near future if he continues to live on the street.

He was taken to the clinic immediately after being discovered. Hopefully there’s nothing too serious about his health.


After being cleaned up, he was given the necessary tests.

The doctor said there would be an operation to remove Dexter’s eyes because they were not able to recover. This makes me very sad, why does a small dog have to suffer so much?

I just want to hug and kiss Dexter’s little heart. What if he lost his eyes? But he has a heart, it helps him to feel everything around him.

So far everything is in favor of Dexter’s upcoming surgery.


Day30 We’ve done all we can until now, We have put Dexter in an environment where he will be very well looked after after the surgery. The stitches on his eye were removed. His routine treatment will continue, but he won’t have to stay in the clinic.

He is sweet and fun to play with his new friends.

He will laugh at us, not with his eyes but by sticking out his tongue to reveal 32 teeth. Getting these isn’t as easy as it looks, but it’s all worth it.


Day40 10-year-old little Dexter is completely blind and was abandoned on the street. He endured it well before things went bad with his eyes.

He had to have his eyes removed because the constant infection caused a lot of damage. And now he has remade his life in a spectacular way.

I love him so much not only for his looks but also for his unyielding spirit that does not give in to fate.



Day70 Dexter turned out to be a young, cheerful, bright, sweet gentleman.

His head is high, his tail is high, his little heart has no fear and will NEVER be afraid again.

Now you will call him Dexter like he is the place to hug and always think about.

Endless love and trust help him get the happiness he is now.

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