The pregnant dog begged the owner to open the gate to let her in, she was sick

We will take her from her childhood home. Her owner closed the door and didn’t let her in. People around saw her standing outside for two weeks. He waited for his owner .

We went there following his neighbor’s instructions. Here, I don’t need it” he said out loud That’s all he got after 8 years of loyalty. The reason was that he didn’t want a sick dog. She was very itchy and had hypertrophy in her legs.

During the ultrasound we got some news unexpected She was pregnant So it would be more difficult to treat her They did not give her antibiotics and many other medicines We took her back to the shelter to take care of her But she always finds a way to escape from here And she also did not want to play with other dogs 3 times she ran away from the shelter Refused to stay inside and destroyed it.

Then he went on to tear down the outside fence. We drove around looking for it for hours. What made this dog run away? There was only one reason for all this action. He went back to find his former owner. I couldn’t believe they had it. Abandoned. It’s hard for her to forget where she grew up.

That house was attached to her . She was easily angered and refused to eat. She was very worried about her health status. Because it also involves her puppies. We went to the vet to find out the cause. She got cancer breast while pregnant A few days later, she had a contraction at 3 a.m. Masan gave birth by caesarean section at the vet.

She was old and could only keep two puppies. A beautiful baby boy and a girl were born. These pups have given us hope and strength. Masan takes good care of the puppies. She gave these two pups her full attention. Although we still have a surgery waiting.

That was Breast Surgery and Chemotherapy All the tears and efforts are worth it These puppies will have a new and better future They open their eyes at 10 days after birth. The doctors were amazed at her weight. Masan’s milk miraculously lifted them up. The boy’s name is Zeus, and the girl is Marshmallow.

They look exactly like their mother. They are intelligent and affectionate. And it is not difficult for them to find new homes. Attentive owners welcome and love them. A life full of joy, happiness and laughter. Masan’s mother was taken for treatment.

She was brave and did not cry during the whole process The doctor says that everything will be fine with her The chemotherapy worked well for her She will live with us for the rest of her life And her happy days have just begun Thank you for being there and supporting.

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