The Saddest Dog We’ve Ever Rescued Who Completely Lost Trust In Human

Sky was found in a backyard in Vladikavkaz on May 8 with a broken jaw and we can’t find her owner anywhere. she nearly collapsed on her way to the vet, low glucose levels – and blood pressure, could be the result of not eating anything for a while, pus is flowing all over the place -it’s in a lot of pain.

Sky looked down – she’s also extremely depressed, after an hour of medical support-no improvement yet, had a PCR done for the plague, came back negative, X-ray confirmed extensive damage to his chin, also nasal cavity, multiple bruised area, his lower jaw and lower arch were broken, somebody put a brace so his jaw wouldn’t break, but they did everything wrong and it really affected him.

His teeth some can barely hold it – it needs to be pulled out, his tongue is broken There is also pain, but that’s not a big deal. I planted, washed everything, as much as possible, the surgery will be in 72 hours , it can’t be done before, we also take a piece of the blood sample. Sky had a good sleep, maybe for the first time in her life.

On May 11, Sky had surgery and it’s been almost five hours, but luckily it went very well. she’ll probably have to pull a few more teeth later, they removed the urethral tube on May 14th. Sky can now pee on her own, still at high risk of infection,Sky stayed in a private room, but we can see the improvement on her face, good stitches in her mouth – she’s starting to heal.

May 20, her face is almost 100% healed, no more pus – now has a very low chance of getting an infection, with less pain, Sky can now eat by herself, time to leave her private room – nothing more, but Sky is still weak and can’t stand much, the vet said she needs to gain at least 5kg. but it’s a good sign she’s getting better day by day … waving.

Training Sky to walk again – even just a little. behaved very well – a very smart boy, out in the sun again for the first time, sky loves him so much, when you leave the vet and go home Sky, he looked scared on the way home – but nothing will happen. welcome to your forever love home Sky. we are sure that you will be remembered fondly from now on…

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