The Vet Wanted to Put Him to Sleep But We Never Gave Up And The Efforts Paid Off In The End

Meet Roman! A tiny puppy with a heartbreaking history. He bore the scars of abuse, a helpless victim left at the forest’s edge. Wracked by excruciating pain, he lay there, unable to tilt his head or rise to his feet. In this desolate place devoid of shelter, he had been callously abandoned to perish.

Such cruelty is difficult to fathom, and it’s enough to make one’s heart ache. The anguished cries of puppies echo in the air, a testament to the despair that shrouded Roman’s ordeal. But fate took a turn when Roman found his way to a veterinarian’s care. A determination to rescue Roman from the clutches of pain and fear. Mealtimes were a struggle, each bite a triumph over his past.


Delayed treatment could cast a shadow over Roman’s future, leaving him with a lifetime of disabilities. His survival itself was a marvel, a testament to resilience. With each passing day, Roman’s path toward recovery became clearer. Seven days within the confines of the veterinary sanctuary saw Roman’s condition stabilize.

Day 10: The first steps of this little soul. While he couldn’t fully swivel his head, his progress was palpable, a testament to his unyielding spirit. Roman’s core remained as sweet as ever, his gentle and endearing nature unchanged.


Day 21: Roman had transformed remarkably. Grain food was relished with newfound joy, his tail a constant blur of happiness. What was already achieved was awe-inspiring.

Watch video bellow:

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