The villagers poured engine oil on the 8 month old stray dog in the hope of being able to treat him

Marky was an 8-month-old homeless pup who spent every day collecting food. The scant food he kept from one hiding place to another. People began to approach him hoping to be of some help. With limited understanding, people poured motor oil on her little body. It caused Marky unimaginable pain. They did it because Jubilee had scabies.

According to his custom, machine oil would cure skin diseases like Marky’s. Of course, this was not true. It didn’t help him get better, but it made him more fearful and wary of people. Marky should have been taken to the vet to be treated for this nasty skin infection. Scabies was a highly contagious skin disease caused by parasitic mites. Using it wasn’t fatal, but it could lead to deadly skin infections. Marky lowered his head and trembled.

The kind man showed up when Marky needed him most. His pain moved us all to tears. His body was covered in scabs from burns and infections. He was battling Ehrlichia, a tick-borne disease that caused severe anemia. Even her little teeth were covered in tartar. Yet, in the face of all these adversities, Marky’s spirit remained unbreakable. Medical care and love came to him.

Marky was eventually taken to a vet. It was there that he was given medication to treat his burns and soothe his skin. His journey was far from over. You would need regular baths and treatments to restore the health of your skin. Marky had received several different treatments. He had to adhere to a strict feeding schedule and constant heat supplementation to maintain body temperature.

He was also receiving intravenous dextrose because his muscle ratio was too low. It just didn’t have reserves to maintain blood sugar. We expected Marky to bounce back as he had small wins. Marky liked to sit on the grass outside. He had a big appetite, loved his toys, and loved making new friends. Marky’s beautiful and selfless spirit inspired us. “Let’s show him together that his world can be full of kindness and love.”

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