They leave this boy in a park unable to get up, surrounded by kids who poking him!

How any human in this world could do this to any animal is beyond disgusting. Then leaving this innocent boy unable to stand up in a park surrounded by children poking him. Luckily someone found it and brought it to us, we took it to our emergency room right away! our great team immediately stepped in to stabilize it.

He is currently receiving a blood transfusion and is in critical condition. He has the will to live and we will fight him to survive. Although she was too weak to hold on, she found the strength to give a few kisses to those who tried to save her life. It’s like he knows he’s in good hands. Please welcome Ryker, a name meaning ‘strength’.

He may have a long way to go, but seeing this made everyone cry. He is a fighter. Day 4: Our son is a fighter. He was able to contain himself briefly today. She receives nutrients through IV, and keeps blood counts as well as blood sugar. He still has a long way to go, but every day proves that he has the will to live.

Day 10: We have some exciting news about Ryker! We managed to get him out of the hospital due to 1 condition. Ryker developed a minor case of pneumonia, and as with any care facility, both human and animal, it is sometimes best to bring them home to recover.

He was able to stand up and take a few steps which is very exciting! He still has a long way to recover and we will be with him every step of the way. Day 14: We knew he was in it… one day at a time, Ryker! He is so happy that he is developing and getting stronger day by day. This man broke my heart.

Day 27: Ryker is enjoying this wonderful weather. He prefers to lie on the steps and absorb the rays. Day 35: Ryker is doing great and slowly gaining weight. His calorie intake goes up every few days, and he’s gained a lot so far even though he’s still emaciated. He is such a warrior and an even greater lover! Ryker met Keeva and alumni Caille.

Day 55: Ryker is doing very well and loves the other dogs in his foster home. The moment we’ve all been waiting for! We knew she wouldn’t leave when she went home with Shaina and Brian. He may have chewed on a few phones and greet everyone he meets with a flaming rocket, but we quickly understand why they fell in love.

He’s a wonderful and happy young boy who lives and beats everything. Happy Tails Ryker, we’re so glad you stayed where you are!

Watch video rescue:

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