They Painted Her Blue For Fun Then Discarded Her Crying In The Middle Of The Rain

This poor little kitten was found crying in the middle of the rain. We have no words to express our anger right now! What drived a person to do this? She had been painted blue with no care for her well-being. The paint had hardened on her fur, causing her immense pain and discomfort. It was evident that she had been used as a toy by heartless individual. They discarded her once they were done with their cruel fun.

We carefully picked up the kitten and brought her to vet. We tried to safely remove paint from a her fur. The process was going to be delicate and time-consuming. She is eating well and being medicated already. She winced in pain occasionally, but she never once tried to scratch or bite We used a mixture of gentle, pet-safe cleansers and oils…

Thank God the ink is coming out more easily. Soon she will be completely cleaned from the toxic paint. A lot of her fur fell out when we tried to remove the paint. We know it’s painful so always try to comfort her in the process. She’s still a bit weak so we need to feed her with a syringe.

She cooperated very well! 90% paint was removed. Her tiny body revealed. Today she started to feed herself and drink water. Now the paint is gradually coming off with the help of therapeutic bath oil. We gave her a name. It’s Blue! Blue’s true fur color emerged, revealing a stunning coat of soft white and gray. She is a beautiful kitten with the kindest eyes and the sweetest demeanor.

She is eating well and get stronger and stronger everyday. Having sunbath will help her skin and fur to recover quicker. Blue is really attached to us, never want to leave her alone. She’s really a smart girl! She gained weight a little and still waiting for the adption.

Watch video bellow:

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