They were starved, crying weakly on the street inside an old baby carriage to wait for mom

6 newborn puppies were found on the street inside an old baby carriage. One of them fell out and it is not known whether he is alive or dead.

The finder put 6 dogs in a box and placed it at the bus station, then contacted the rescue team! When the rescue team arrived, all they heard were faint cries! The cries are heartbreaking, they are probably very hungry and need their mother!

With no time to search for their mother or wait any longer, the rescue team took them to the vet right away! In addition to being abandoned and hungry, the puppies’ bodies are full of larvae.

I don’t think they could have survived that day without being saved! And the question everyone wants to know: Where is the mother of these puppies? The rescue team went back to the scene to find the mother dog but to no avail! They will become orphaned newborn puppies! But that’s okay, the rescue team has become their family!

Each dog is bottle fed and well cared for! They are small and weak and will need to be watched closely! Seeing their peace, do you feel happy? Do you have something to say to these little angels? Please comment below! Update a few weeks after being rescued, the puppies have had an unexpected change!

They were adopted by a mother dog with 6 other puppies! And interestingly, they became the perfect family again! It would be great if someone could adopt them. It would be great if someone could adopt them.

Do you love them? Do you want to adopt them? Contact the rescue team now! Don’t forget to share and give them a Like! Thank you for your kindness, see you in the next rescue stories!

Watch the Video bellow:

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