Tired with 3 tumors on her body for many years, her biggest dream is to live a normal life

A man on his way home from work saw him walking on the pavement, the dog with an abnormally large belly shuffled on the pavement . For a week no one knows where he came from, his belly has grown abnormally since he appeared there.

Everyone there did not notice him and no one wanted to approach him. Some even chased him for fear of contracting a contagious disease. His illness He is very hungry, so he has to look for leftovers in residential areas He eats what people throw away and finds puddles in the street to drink He tries to feed himself not to be hungry He has to hide in the bushes by the roadside to sleep at night The children around him often take him out to make fun of him They hurt him Even times make him very sad.

Some people are shedding tears over his pathetic condition We are determined to help him at all costs According to the doctor he has 3 tumors in his stomach 1 large tumor and two small tumors Luckily all 3 tumors are benign So just have surgery To remove the tumor But his health is still enough for surgery He is not well.

He is malnourished because he has not eaten properly for a long time His body is weak and exhausted from malnutrition So he will need to rest 15 days before the operation He has enough time to regain his health Reached 90%.

She is very cheerful and happy with her current life, thank God for always being with her and protecting her.

Watch video bellow:

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