To The Owner Who Left Bella On Street – She’s Now Happier Than You Ever Imagined!

Bella was found on street in terrible situation on 08 April, scared of human and always tried to hide in her corner. we tried to lure her inside our car and luckily we got her, after talking a bit, she’s more friendly than we thought, malnourished for a while, her blood sugar is extreme low. her skin is badly infected.

Bella was terrified when we gave her first medicated bath. the vet said she will need extensive care for a while, with load of medical support. Bella got used to her medicated bath, her mood improved a lot, smile is back on her face, her appetize also improve a lot.

Bella’s routine care – everything is getting better. she started to gain healthy weight. walk outside in more confident way. getting more and more beautiful. enjoy life with her new forever love family now.

Watch video bellow:

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