We Fσund A ρσσr Dσg Bσund With A Fishing Line, We Saνed Her And Helρed Her Heal

We Found A Poor Dog Bound With A Fishing Line, We Saved Her And Helped Her Heal.

The fact that Lucy is still alive today is amazing. Lucy, who was saved around three months ago, was discovered at a Bali construction site where several dogs had resided but then went “missing.” When Lucy’s rescuer caught her eye, she was surprised. The little pup’s snout was tightly wrapped in fishing wire, suggesting that she had been taken in for the dog meat trade and was about to be sold and killed for food. Quickly acting, Lucy’s rescuer took her to the hospital for immediate care.

When Lucy was discovered, a fishing line had been tangled around her and had seriously damaged her nose. The unfortunate canine is said to have been bound for the abhorrent and brutal meat farms.

Following that, Lucy was taken to the vet where the fishing line was cut, making her safe but not yet out of danger. The doctors gave her a 50/50 chance of surviving since she had the awful illness parvovirus. We discovered a hapless dog bound with fishing line, saved her, and assisted her in recovering.

Finally, Lucy was in a safe place. She had yet to leave the forest, however. The veterinarians determined that she had the deadly parvovirus and gave her a 50/50 chance of surviving. After two weeks, Lucy started to show signs of improvement and was given the all-clear to be placed in foster care. For a few days, it was touch and go.

She started acting strangely after just one day and tested positive for distemper, as if she hadn’t already been through enough. Despite her strength, we didn’t think Lucy would survive. When we discovered her, she was already reduced to skeletal remains due to the parvovirus’s destruction of her immune system.

After much effort and a variety of ailments, Lucy started to recover, but she had no faith in others.

But she retaliated. She had no appetite, so we syringe-fed her bone broth every few hours while still giving her all the love and attention we could. After completing her physical recuperation, Lucy was now prepared to start her emotional healing process.

From the time she was saved, she remained quiet and avoided making eye contact with anybody. She would spend hours cowering in the corner of her kennel, only coming out to use the bathroom. She had no confidence in people, thus she must have had a lot of trauma before we met her.

Vets, foster parents, and many other people helped Lucy eventually recover from her ordeal.

Lucy has really improved after moving live with Prue, the originator of Mission Paws’ible, a few months ago. Although she is still watchful, she is gradually becoming a happy and vivacious little dog. She loves doing zoomies with her paw-fwends and lounging in the sun. When she first arrived, Lucy would never have climbed onto the couch to sleep next to her companions.

and found faith in humans and other creatures again.

Lucy is a wonderful example of how a lot of love and patience can accomplish a lot. She is searching for her permanent home as she looks forward to a wonderful and happy future. Mission Paws’ible is presently constructing the Healing Center. Lucy and other animals will have a secure place to relax and recover thanks to this facility. They will get natural raw food as part of their diets, daily hairless hound therapeutic oil massages, animal therapy music, one-on-one human interaction, and plenty of sunlight.

A life may be saved by love and patience, and Lucy is the perfect example of this.

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