What Happened to the Woman Who Gave Birth to Her First Child at Age 66, and What Her 18-year-old Daughter Looks Like?

In 2005, the whole world was surrounded by intriguing news that a 66-year-old woman from Romania named Adriana Iliescu gave birth to the firstborn and got into the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest woman. Today, an elderly lady with an 18-year-old daughter lives in the capital of Romania — Bucharest. Adriana is 85 years old, in the past she is a professor of the Romanian language a children’s writer, and the author of more than 25 books. She considers herself the happiest person ever since she gave birth to Eliza. What does her daughter look like, what does she dodoes, and what does her daughter think about her birth, read more.

Of course, at the age of 66, Iliescu could not conceive a child naturally, and the woman resorted to the help of IVF, although she still believed that God himself sent the child to her. This is of course a unique story with a happy ending, but not every woman would decide on such a desperate step. After all, this news stirred up the public, and split it into two camps: some were in shock and condemned, saying that giving birth in old age is selfish, they say, who will take care of the child after death; others were delighted with the act of an elderly woman and supported her in every possible way.

Adriana Iliescu with her daughter

In addition to discussions, this high-profile case led the Romanian government to review legislation and prohibit reproductive assistance for women after 50 years. The Romanian Orthodox Church also joined in condemnation. According to the clergy, a woman violated divine law with this act.

Adrian herself admitted in one of the interviews: that although later motherhood was very difficult for her, she only regrets one thing that Eliza did not come into her life much, much more than before. And he sadly thinks that many important milestones in her daughter’s life will pass without her.

On the way to motherhood

Adriana Iliescu was born on May 31, 1938, in the Romanian city of Craiova in a wealthy family of intellectuals. After graduating from high school, she became a teacher of Romanian language and literature at school, but soon made a good career, began working at the university, composed poems and prose, and for some time worked as a literary critic.

Adriana Iliescu in her youth

At 20, Adriana got married and quickly became pregnant, but she had to give birth to a baby because the pregnancy had to be interrupted for medical reasons: a young woman had not been ill with tuberculosis for so long, and long-term treatment with rather serious drugs could adversely affect the fetus. Personal life did not work. After four years of marriage, the spouses divorced, and Adriana no longer officially married.

Left alone, a woman with her head went to work. However, the dream of becoming a mother did not leave her. Several times she tried to get pregnant naturally, but this did not lead to anything. Doctors diagnosed her with — infertility. Long-term treatment was useless. So gradually the private life of Adriana went on a long-range plan, and only when she went on a well-deserved rest, did he suddenly realize that she was too lonely.

Give birth, by all means

When the IVF procedure became available in Romania in the late 90s, Iliescu immediately decided to take this chance. Alas, the first attempt was unsuccessful – an embryo was rejected. After this incident, the woman was treated for a long time, and nine years later she again came for an examination, which showed that she was able to independently bear the baby.

But at that time Adrian was already 66 years old, she already had menopause, so all the efforts of the doctors to wake her eggs did not lead to anything. Therefore, all the biomaterial for conceiving a child was taken from donors, which essentially meant: Adriana would not be the biological mother of her child. This is surrogacy. But, this did not stop the woman, and in 2004 she decided to in vitro fertilize ( ECO ), turning to one of the best specialists in Bucharest, Dr. Bogdan Marinescu. And it was a courageous act.

Firstly, she risked her own life greatly. And secondly, God alone knew how much more he could live and whether she would be able to have time to raise this child. But the desire to know maternal happiness was so great that Ariadne did not back down to anything. She agreed with this doctor, according to which, in the event of her death, he would become the official guardian of the baby until his age of majority. Bogdan Marinescu later became the godfather, born with his participation as a girl.

On January 16, 2005, a miracle happened – Adriana gave birth to a daughter Eliza.

On January 16, 2005, a miracle happened – Adriana gave birth to a daughter Eliza. And since the child was born ahead of schedule, for some time the newborn was kept in intensive care. The newly made mother faced a wave of condemnation, which, incidentally, affected the doctor who did IVF.

At that time, she became the oldest mother, breaking the world record ( only after a year the Indian woman who gave birth in 70 ) took over the palm of the championship. Although she did not consider herself such: « I feel like a young woman. About 27 years old, and when I feel a little more tired, then at – 37. I am healthier than women who are twice my age » smiling said Iliescu.

The long-awaited happiness of late motherhood

For the first time becoming a mother at age 66, Adriana was the happiest. She surrounded her baby with care, and attention and, focusing as much as possible on education, developed her abilities. Eliza started reading and writing quite early and studied well at school. Adriana put a lot of effort into the education of her daughter, who for development was not inferior to her peers. In addition, Eliza showed talent for the exact sciences, she, while studying at school, often won various competitions and Olympiads, taking prizes.

«…It is everything to me, and nothing else matters »

“Eliza is an energetic and fun, very happy child. It is everything to me, and nothing else matters “, — told an elderly mother. And her daughter paid the same. Mom has always been and remains for Eliza the closest and most native person. She is not shy that from the outside she and her mother are most likely like a great-grandmother with a great-granddaughter. Therefore, to the question: “Is this your grandmother?” Eliza replies that this is the best mother in the world.

From Eliza’s side, my mother most likely looks like a great-grandmother.

Adriana and her daughter had a complete mutual understanding. And this is not surprising, because, unlike many young parents who are always employed at work, Adriana devoted all her free time and all her attention to her beloved child, investing her whole soul in the process of education.

Adulthood and plans for the future

Adriana and Eliza Iliescu

In January, Eliza turned 18 years old. The girl always wanted to get two professions. She is smart and demonstrates excellent academic success. Last year, Eliza entered two universities in Bucharest at once and managed to study at both, which her mother is very proud of.

Adriana secretly dreams that her daughter will not be delayed with pregnancy, and as soon as possible gives her a grandson or granddaughter. But at the same time, Iliescu claims that a woman must decide when to become a mother. And that must be her informed decision…

Eliza Iliescu.

As for the future, Adriana tried to take care of her daughter as much as possible, collecting savings from fees for books. Today she is 85 years old, she perfectly understands that her age is short-lived, but fortunately, her daughter is almost on her own feet. In addition, my mother prepared Eliza by the time of separation and settled all the details: she had already bought a place in the cemetery, prepared a costume in which she would go on her last journey, and set aside money for ceremonial services.

Now, looking back at the past years, Adriana has never regretted her decision to become an elderly mother. Although many are sure that you will not envy the daughter of Iliescu. After all, disputes in search of the truth still do not subside: to give birth to a baby after 60 is selfishness or the right of any woman. What do you think?

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