When the shelter dog realized who the man standing next to him was, he began to cry

When the shelter dog realized who the man standing next to him was, he began to cry.

One of Washington’s shelters had just received a small dog, practically a puppy. But it behaved very differently from the other animals. They had the same attraction to humans, enjoyed the care and attention of the shelter staff, and did everything they could to make visitors feel welcome.

But Roscoe was different. He didn’t seem to mind their presence. He kept his distance and didn’t try to interact with the other animals or the people working at the shelter.

Such behavior might have been expected if Roscoe had been abused, but the volunteers at this shelter were drawn to him simply because they loved animals.

Something was obviously bothering the dog, so the shelter staff decided to find out what it was. They put a picture of him on the Internet.

And something wonderful happened. As soon as he saw this note, a farmer in the nearby village called the sanctuary. He reported that three years ago, his beloved pet, who looked like Roscoe, had disappeared. The owner said he had spent a year looking for a pet, with little success.

The dog abruptly stopped and started sniffing as the guy approached the shelter and headed for the cage. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, he ran up wagging his tail, threw himself at his feet and roared with delight.

While he was inside the shelter, no one saw him in this predicament. When the owner saw that the dog recognized him and was happy, he burst into tears.

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