Why is My Cat Suddenly So Affectionate?

Why is My Cat Suddenly So Affectionate?

Cats are anomalies in the sense that they can sometimes be very affectionate and sometimes be extremely aloof. Some cats are more affectionate by nature than others.

However, what can be strange is that your usually aloof or unaffectionate cat suddenly becomes very affectionate.

There is an explanation for this, or rather, there may be several reasons why this happens. So why is my cat suddenly so affectionate?

He wants attention

One of the main reasons your cat may be suddenly affectionate is that she is bored, lonely and looking for attention. Some cats can become more or less social as they age, and it really depends on the cat in question. Perhaps you don’t spend enough time with your cat, don’t pet him enough, and don’t play with him enough.

Although he may be willing to accept this situation for a while, after a while the loneliness and lack of attention will boil over. The simplest explanation for a cat becoming super affectionate is that he needs more attention from you.

Separation Anxiety

Another main cause for cats becoming overly affectionate without warning, which can be true for dogs and other pets as well, is separation anxiety.

This often occurs when owners are home a lot and spend a lot of time with their cat, and then all of a sudden they change jobs, have a companion, or anything else that requires them to leave the house a lot.

If your cat is used to being around you all the time, and all of a sudden you’re not around much, she may be afraid you won’t come back.

It’s not as if a cat knows for sure that you’ll be back. Their budding affection may be a sign that they want to be with you and don’t like you being away. They may suffer from separation anxiety.

Another reason a cat may suddenly become affectionate is anxiety. Just like humans, cats can also develop anxiety over time. There are many reasons why cats can become anxious, and it may simply be due to brain chemistry.

Some cats become more anxious as they age, and sometimes this is a natural phenomenon, while other times this anxiety may be caused by circumstances in their environment.

Whatever the cause of the anxiety, the sudden onset of the condition may be due to your cat seeking safety and comfort. In other words, the cat is frightened or nervous, and the presence of a trusted human like you can reassure it.

A sick cat

Sick cats often become reclusive and lonely, but this is not always the case. Sometimes, when they’re sick, cats become more affectionate.

This isn’t necessarily affection per se, but rather a way to get your attention. If your cat is seeking a lot of attention and meowing a lot, and especially if you notice other strange behaviors, such as a lack of appetite, the cat may be sick.

A cat in heat

The other explanation for this onset of affection is that your cat is in heat. Cats in heat can behave strangely. They are looking for a mate and may be telling you that.


There are many reasons why a cat may become affectionate from one day to the next, and no, it’s not usually a sign of something good.

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