Yasar is banished,forced to live in isolation because of his strange face and life changing journey

Yasar the dog on his head has a huge tumor The owner treated him but gave up halfway and eventually abandoned him. Due to the growing tumor, it made Yasar’s face strange. Yasar was chased away and he had to hide on a mountain top in Elazig. If you don’t take him away, wild and dangerous animals may attack him.

I will do my best to keep him alive. The tumor has spread into the eye socket and pressed on the sinuses causing Yasar’s vision to narrow and he’s having a hard time breathing My only wish is that you don’t leave little Yasar alone. He was admitted to the hospital and had all the necessary tests done He will have a CT scan, and do cytological tests Results: Tumor In the form of cysts and tentacles has invaded his brain.

Our specialists think that if a scalpel touches a cancer, it will grow faster. the risk of cancer will multiply very quickly and cause death quickly! So he will have long and heavy radiation therapy! Yasar will have very long, arduous and serious holistic treatments! If we succeed in stopping the reproduction of cancer cells and shrinking cells and tumors, then his life will be safe He needs to be transferred to Ankara and clinical radiology needs to be started…

After all the additional tests, he received his first dose of chemotherapy today. his treatment took longer than we expected, 5 doses of chemotherapy are administered. Cells are monitored. We have achieved miracles with love, Yasar has undergone a long treatment since April, the tumors are getting smaller and smaller. Yes, chemotherapy was hard on him, it was exhausting, but his strength did not diminish in his struggle.

Yasar has started to feel more confident with his face, His eyes sparkled more than before and showed gratitude. He eats well and works tirelessly Our doctors are very successful, I want to thank them very much, experts and animal lovers. Thank the friends who touched him with their kindness. Be healthy Yasar, be healthy and have many happy days. 4 months passed with so many difficulties and pain: The tumor on Yasar’s face is almost gone. He looks so handsome and charming.

We look forward to the day he makes a full recovery. Yasar has a dose of chemotherapy left… And he’ll do the tests in about 15 days…Maybe he’ll be discharged… We are also looking for a family to adopt Yasar, He needs a family that will love and care for him for the rest of his life.

Watch the video below:

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