Saving a stranded cat and her kittens. She and her kittens are in pain. As for the passersby around her, is there anyone to respond?

Mother cat tries to stop passersby, begging them to save her ill-fated baby The rescuer met a mother cat on the street the mother cat kept meowing as if she wanted attention. The mother cat then led the rescuer to where she lived To their surprise, there were still her 4 children there. However, one of them seems to have passed away The mother cat was engrossed in caressing her ill-fated baby.

She still believes that the kitten is just sleeping soundly. Maybe she didn’t realize the harsh truth The rescue team tried to help the unfortunate kitten, but it was too late. We may have to say goodbye to this unfortunate kitten. Back to the other kittens, they look quite skinny and scraggly.

The body seems malnourished. The mother cat probably gave birth here and didn’t have enough food! Her milk supply has probably dried up too. However, we can imagine how hard she tried to keep her children fed and growing. Just not all of them can do it. After getting close to this small family the mother cat and her remaining 3 kittens were taken to VET Here, they are health checked and well taken care of.

The mother cat is vaccinated and the kittens are dewormed immediately. The mother cat is vaccinated and the kittens are dewormed immediately. Here, they began to get used to their new living environment. The mother cat will probably still remember her ill-fated baby. But she is still focused on taking care of her remaining children! The remaining 3 little kittens are all healthy and happy.

They probably don’t know their ill-fated brother is gone! But it’s okay, they will continue to live for him! A week passed and everything gradually became perfect! The whole cat family is cheerful and happy. We can see how happy they are to be in an environment they have never experienced before. With plenty of food, water, toys and warm cushions to lie on, they are enjoying themselves in comfort.

The love of the rescue team is also given to them a lot! Luckily, there are still good people in this world doing silent work. This meaningful rescue story has inspired many others to rescue animals. What about you, do you want to do that? Please comment below. If possible, please send your kind words to this lucky cat family. Thank you for your support and kindness. See you in the following rescue stories.

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